Welcome to ACCELERATE!

This event is for you if you are a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Consultant, Online Business Manager- any kind of virtual support and service professional, and want to accelerate your success to new levels.

Our Theme is…

Oceans of Opportunity

This was the best money I possibly could have invested in myself and my own business! I arrived an employee, and left with a true entrepreneurial mindset, and the fire back in my belly that had previously just been smouldering. If you are looking for valuable networking opportunities combined with everything you ever wanted to know about successful VA businesses – this is the conference to attend! Next year is already marked in my calendar – nothing could make me miss it!” ~ Julie Hoflin, Your Versatile VA

This year, our focus is on building and growing the virtual business you desire through:

  • Goal Setting Strategies

  • Cloud Computing

  • Project Management

  • Lead Generation & Effective Sales Conversations

  • Solo VA Business Booster

  • Building a Multi-VA Team

  • Hot Seats: we’ll be working on your business,
    focusing on topics we can all relate to and the
    tools, strategies, ideas and solutions we can all use

In this economy, there are very few investments that aren’t losing their value. However, investing in yourself by participating in learning opportunities such as ACCELERATE! Live will never depreciate if you put what you learn into ACTION in your business. In fact, it’s one way that you can guarantee a healthy return on your investment.

As things start to turn around, you’ll want to be ready when the rush of clients come looking for your services, so you’ll need to play your cards right. And we want to make sure you’re all set!

Preparation is everything. And we’ve got a unique and exciting line up of hands-on workshops for you to build, grow and maintain your business, no matter what stage you’re at. Plus, and most importantly, by the time you leave, you’ll know exactly how to implement what you’ve learned.

That’s why ACCELERATE! Live will be unlike any industry conference you’ve attended in the past!

So, let us ask…

Are you building the business you’ve dreamed of or are you settling?

2012Wikipedia: 2012 (MMXII) was a leap year that started on a Sunday.

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