Sunday, March 3, 2024

Join Valorie for this amazing virtual event. 

STOP Playing By The Rules. Learn the SIMPLE STEPS you need to TAKE to build a successful acting career in 2024. 
Actor's Fast Track Accelerate LIVE EVENT is a 5 hour virtual event that is built to help aspiring and experienced actors like yourself around the globe to boost your acting career and start getting booked on top shows. 

Sunday, March 3rd from 11am-4pm Eastern Time

Here is what you will get

  • Five Hours with Valorie: Valorie will spend a full day digging deep into the following topics along with answering any questions you might have. 
  • ​Pitch: We will work on developing your pitch that you can use in Email, Video, Social Media, or Linkedin. You will learn how to reach out to directors, producers, writers, and casting directors. Our Clients have been booking big TV and film jobs by pitching themselves on a regular basis. 
  • Brand: How do you as an actor brand yourself in the new post Covid era? How do you talk bout yourself as a product? Valorie will help you develop your own personalized branding statement.
  • How to Make It In The Industry: Valorie will teach you how to make it in this industry when you are not related to anyone famous, have no connections and didn't go to the best acting schools.
  • ​Connections: Valorie will go over how to network, make and keep connections.
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Valorie has helped 7,000+ actors build successful TV careers by teaching them how to build a succesful  business of acting
It is time to rethink how we do business. Networking is still every bit as important as it ever was, however, the WAY we network and  promote ourselves has changed. 

You must have a business brain. Rather than wait for an agent to sell you... Stand in your own value and have the confidence and believe in your brand to sell yourself!!

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Here are all the success-rich insights you will get from AFT Accelerate Live 2024
  • How to accelerate your career
  • ​How to pitch directly to HBO, Netflix, and Hulu
  • ​How to get into the room for the roles you really want
  • ​How to bring your A-Game to every audition
  • ​Habits and behaviors that will get you the most work
  • ​Get empowered to take control of your acting career
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